Update: Action Note 2.2

Action Note just received another update. Version 2.2 brings a couple of improvements:
  • Added support to set Action Note as default app for Notes using the "onenote-cmd" protocol (PC/Tablet only)
  • Updated UI of the sidebar-menu
  • Fixed minor UI issues
  • Added new languages: Dutch, Hungarian

Due to the included "onenote-cmd" protocoll binding, Action Note is now finally able to be set as the default app for the "Note" button within the Action Center. Unfortunately, the app has to be set as default manually. Furthermore, the default app settings are not available on Windows 10 Mobile yet.

By the way, this version of Action Note is powered on the (finally) first public release candidate of our framework for UWP based projects. As soon as the repository of the framework is public, I will post the link on this blog.


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