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Manage Your Java Environment

In case you are familiar with Pyhon, I guess you also have heard of virtualenv . This is a tool to create isolated Python environments, which lets you easily create or switch projects between Python 2 and Python 3. In Java, there are also different version out there. While version 7 or 8 are probably still most commonly used in production, even newer versions like 10 (current default of Ubuntu 18.04) or the preview of Java 11 (release expected in late September 2018) are available, too. Consequently, it can happen that you are working on several projects with different Java version requirements. The question is now: how can we switch between different installed JDKs? There are of course multiple possible answers. Two of them are the following... A. Setting the default Java version In case you have multiple Java versions installed, you can change the default version using the update-alternatives tool: $ sudo update-alternatives --config java This command will list you all ins