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Setup Dell C1660W printer in Ubuntu

To be honest, this post is more or less a self-memo for myself. Nevertheless, this might be still helpful for others. While drivers for almost every hardware components or peripheral devices are automatically detected and installed in Windows, this is often not the case in Ubuntu. For instance, my Dell C1660W printer was not working in a plug & play fashion on Ubuntu 17.10. In order to setup this printer, I had to do the following steps: 1. Add a device in Settings > Devices > Printers 2. Download and install the Xerox Phaser 6000 drivers 3. Open the Printer Details of the printer added earlier 4. The the Xerox Phaser 6000B v1.0 driver using Select form Database... The printer is now ready to use. However, the driver does not fully work as expected. As an example, after every printing job, I have to restart the printer. Otherwise, the printer is simply rejecting the job, or it prints the job with some minutes delay outta nowhere.